Cloud collaboration for Reality Capture data

Reality Cloud Studio makes the most of your data quickly and efficiently through powerful, easy-to-use automation.

Upload your reality.

Quickly and easily upload any compatible reality capture data type.


Upload from any device with a web browser, or direct from Leica BLK sensors.


Your cloud-based drive to securely store your reality capture data.

Automate your reality.


Auto-registration technologies combines your scans for you with the push of a button.


Create a mesh with the press of a button – powerful technology, simply automated.

Visualize your reality.

Use vivid visualization tools in Reality Cloud Studio to view your reality in stunning detail.

Limit Box

View States

Panoramic Images

Measure your reality.

Perform essential reality capture measurements.

Point to Point


Planar Measurement

Showcase your reality.

Create virtual tours to present immersive deliverables.

Share your reality.

Share your data in multiple methods and formats for easy, quick collaboration and visualization.


Include measurements, annotations, and attachments.


Export your finalized data as any standard reality capture data type.

Send / Invite

Share data and invite others to collaborate in the cloud. 

Create a public browser link to share your reality capture visualizations with anyone.

Unlock the power of Reality Cloud Studio.