Return Policy

Due to the digital product format and delivery method of the HxDR platform, we can offer refunds or exchanges if proof of a defective product is present. Please contact us within 48 hours of purchasing your order to report any product quality concerns. 

If you have a download problem, we can retransmit your purchased file(s) as necessary. Please report download problems within 24 hours of purchasing your order and include your order number with a description of the problem you are experiencing. Refunds are not offered for duplicate orders or incorrectly selecting the area of interest and layer. 

Please note that we can only support our digital products and not the application in which they are being used. For example, we do not offer support for using Microsoft, Adobe, Apple or Esri products. Please see their respective help areas for application support. 

If you have any questions before purchasing, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected].