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1. Tax Exemption

Placing a Sales Tax Exempt Order
In accordance with applicable laws, Hexagon Content Program collects tax in most states based on the appropriate rate of sales tax in each state. Even if you are tax-exempt, you still may need to pay taxes at the time of your purchase. If you think you’re eligible for a tax refund, please contact us at 
[email protected]. Please include the following information to ask for a refund:

  • Order number
  • Items you’re requesting a refund for
  • Amount of the tax refund
  • Documentation supporting why you are exempt


Once your tax information is received, a refund will be issued for the taxes if the order meets the requirements for tax exemption. Once this process has been completed, your account used for this order will be connected to a tax exempt certificate for any future orders.

2. Account Deletion

How can I delete my HxDR account?

Please send a request for deletion to [email protected]

3. Report Right Violations

If any data shared on HxDR application violates your rights, please contact [email protected]