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HxDR is a cloud native platform for geospatial data at any scale.

A Platform to Build On.

HxDR powers Hexagon digital reality applications with storage, visualization, and collaboration tools, and automated microservices for data processing.

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Core Capabilities

HxDR is built with a robust feature set for geospatial and reality data apps in the cloud. Here are the tools HxDR-powered apps can utilize.

Collaboration and Visualization Tools

  • Share, Comment, @Mention, #Label and Annotate
  • Visualization and Tours
  • Deep Linking
  • Direct Uploads

Scalable Cloud Storage

  • Optimized Point Clouds
  • 3D Models
  • Catalog and Metadata capabilities
  • Data agnostic

Automated Processing Services

  • Auto Registration
  • Auto Meshing
  • Clip and Export

User Management

  • User roles and identity management
  • Organize data and users into projects
  • Control access through roles
  • Multi-tenant for enterprise applications
  • eCommerce
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HxDR StartApp

StartApp helps developers easily create their own custom software solutions on top of HxDR, streamlining the process of creating customized apps.
It allows developers to leverage all of the functions of HxDR and is built on top of a foundation of powerful tools and open standards.


HxDR also features a custom application programming interface (API) for companies to tailor their own software to use HxDR functionalities and a web developer kit to make that process even simpler. Have an idea for an amazing cloud application? Build your own with HxDR

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Interested in developing your own custom applications? Get in touch.


powered by HxDR

Reality Cloud Studio

Reality Cloud Studio is a powerful cloud application for reality capture data visualization and collaboration. You can upload your data into Reality Cloud Studio for automated meshing, stunning and immersive visualization, effective communication and collaboration, and secure data storage. It is the source for automated reality capture in the cloud.

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HxDR Data Store

The HxDR data store is a dynamic catalog of 3D Aerial meshes, super meshes, and point clouds of cities, towns, buildings, and other world geographies, as well as 2D aerial imagery —all available to purchase and use in your own projects.

HxDR Data Flow

HxDR Data Flow

What it is:

HxDR Data Flow is a simple desktop application that allows for the upload of large datasets to and from any cloud application built on the HxDR platform.

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Why use it?

Web browsers simply weren’t made to handle the upload of large datasets to the cloud. HxDR Data Flow is optimized to make these actions fast and stable.

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Getting started:

HxDR Data Flow is free for download and connects to enabled HxDR Cloud applications.

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Ready to learn more? Dive into the world of HxDR.