Visualize Digital Reality

HxDR is Hexagon‘s cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for spatial data and services. It is a space where the concepts that transform the way we live are placed within accurate digital representations of the real world.


HxDR cloud-based and optimized for Google Chrome. Your instance of HxDR is private. You can choose who has access to your maps and models.


3D City Licensing, Automesh for Reality Capture, Tours and Sharing, Photosphere Locations, 3D CAD and Object models in context and more.


HxDR is a subscription based SaaS platform. Payment models will include subscription and micropayments based on data processing and licensing.

Create your digital reality.

View your design models of buildings or objects in the context of the real world. Place them within our collection of accurate 3D maps of cities, towns and landscapes, or view designs within your own 3D maps by uploading your reality capture environments to the platform.

3D City Catalog

Browse, explore, and license accurate 3D city models from around the world through Hexagon’s catalog of city data captured with airborne laser scanning and imaging sensors. Toggle between photorealistic and white model view.

Automesh for Reality Capture

Upload a reality capture point cloud to HxDR and the platform automatically meshes the point cloud into a 3D map.


Models in Context

HxDR users can upload CAD or object models and place them in real-world locations for visual context.

Tours and Sharing

Use HxDR to create, view, and share realistic “flythrough” virtual tours of locations and spaces, which can also include your models for immersive visualization of your designs in specific locations.


Photosphere Locations

View precise imaging in HxDR with photospheres from reality capture devices, like the BLK360, that provide accurate first-person panoramic views from exact locations.

Keep it Real

Receive updates as HxDR becomes available

Build the future.

Whether you’re an architect, a builder, a city planner, a game designer or a VFX producer, you can view and share projects with simplicity, speed, and ease of access to data.

HxDR Use Cases

3D visualization for industry professionals.

Capture Reality

HxDR will mesh and visualize data from reality capture devices. Upload data from laser scanners and HxDR will display it as an accurate and immersive digital replica to view and share.



Create Reality

Sandbox. Use HxDR as a sandbox to test your design concepts within the context of digital reality.

Showcase. Use HxDR to showcase your work and communicate design ideas to clients and colleagues.




Receive updates as HxDR becomes available


The HxDR Supermesh is the combination of multiple types of 3D datasets, such as point clouds, laser scans, drone scans, and 3D models, to create a seamless digital representation of the real world.

Artificial Intelligence

HxDR Machine Learning can identify actionable information within reality capture data. 3D city data from airborne and terrestrial devices is autonomously classified into 25 land cover categories. Water, roofs, vegetation, solar panels and even cars are automatically identified and used to create and improve HxDR data subsets, like the White Model view. This data can also be accessed for further visualization through the Smart City interface.

Future Functionality

New cities for the catalog
New locations will become available for license from our 3D catalog. These cities, towns, and landscapes are derived from our asset collection of over 3.6 petabytes.

Supermesh fusion
The complete and automated fusion of mesh models from multiple sensors, data sources, and file types.

Drone Capture
Data modeling from drone LiDAR and photogrammetry.

Smart city interface
Model, simulate, and visualize a smart city system including asset monitoring, environmental modeling, and real-time visualization of 3D data.

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Advanced Visualization Technology

HxDR combines advanced visualization technologies, AI, and machine learning processes from Hexagon entities like Luciad, Technodigit, HxGN Visualization, and Melown Technologies, along with professional airborne reality capture from the HxGN Content Program, bringing HxDR together as an advanced yet easy-to-use platform designed for dimensionally accurate and immersive 3D visualization.

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