HxDR for Reality Capture

Storage. Visualization. Collaboration.

HxDR is your cloud storage platform for our reality capture data.

Reliable Cloud Storage

Upload your point clouds to HxDR and access your data from anywhere.

3D Data on Desktop Monitor

3D Visualization

Visualize your 3D assets in the cloud, including point clouds, textured meshes, and panoramic images.

3D Automation

HxDR will automatically convert point clouds uploaded to the platform into a textured 3D mesh.

3D Mesh on Desktop Monitor
Share and Collaborate in HxDR

Share and Collaborate

Give access to your data to anyone around the world for both download and cloud-based work.

Add markups, annotations, measurements, and assign tasks to your teammates and colleagues.

From the Field to the Cloud

Upload BLK2GO, BLK2FLY, and BLK ARC scans directly from the field to HxDR.

From the Field to the Cloud

Upload BLK2GO, BLK2FLY, and BLK ARC scans directly from the field to HxDR.


Direct Upload to HxDR

Colleagues can view and collaborate on your project before leaving the worksite.

Application Details

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The HxDR platform is fully compliant with the latest standards for web security, secure payments, and protection of your data by following the most up to date privacy policies.


Pay only for what you need with flexible and customizable subscription options.

Subscription options coming soon.

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Upload any E57 point cloud file or IFC 3D model file for online storage, processing  and visualization.

BLK2GO, BLK2FLY and BLK ARC offer direct data upload from the field.

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User Management

Manage access to your projects by sharing your work only with specific team members.

Assets and Projects

Each scan or 3D model you upload is stored in your asset collection and can be viewed and explored.

Create a project to give colleagues and collaborators access to individual or multiple assets.

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