Analyse, model and visualise your urban landscape with 3D digital twins

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The HxGN Content Program, Hexagon’s aerial data program, offers 10 different data sets of select cities through its Metro HD city program. Derived from 5 cm resolution aerial imagery and 20 points/m² density LiDAR data, Metro HD is a reliable source for making better-informed decisions.

Full data stack derived from one source of truth

Each city’s aerial imagery and LiDAR data are captured simultaneously using the best-in-class hybrid mapping sensor, resulting in superior accuracy and temporal consistency across all dimensions to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

Make confident, timely decisions with reliable digital twins

Consistency at every stage ​

Consistency at every stage ​

We own the entire workflow, from developing and manufacturing the imaging sensor to the data acquisition and production processes, ensuring consistency throughout.

Unlock the power of deeper insights

Unlock the power of deeper insights ​

Each data set is built using the highest quality aerial imagery and LiDAR data by our team of mapping specialists, allowing you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Readily available with flexible use terms

Readily available with flexible use terms ​

Ultra-HD urban digital twins are ready for use. Leverage flexible data use terms that enable you to create derivative products.

Expand your perspective with countrywide aerial data

The HxGN Content Program also offers high-resolution countrywide aerial imagery and elevation data of the contiguous United States (plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and Western European countries.

Request samples from the countrywide data sets or download our brochure to learn more about the HxGN Content Program.