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Metro HD Data Sets

Built by Hexagon’s HxGN Content Program

Analyse, model and visualise your urban landscape with a full data stack of ultra-HD digital twins. 

Urban digital twins of the world’s leading cities

View cities from ten different perspectives

Get a holistic view of your urban environment for deeper insights and analysis using ten different aerial data sets derived from a single source of truth 

iPad Aerial city image

Make confident, data-driven decisions

Our data suite is derived from concurrent 5 cm resolution aerial imagery and 20 points/m² density LiDAR point clouds, giving you temporal consistency and superior accuracy across all dimensions. 

iPad aerial imagery

Data that works for you

Hexagon’s flexible data use terms enable you to create simulations, models and other derivative products that meet your unique requirements. 

iPad city scape rendering

Find out if Metro HD data sets are right for your project

 Submit your request to receive samples of all ten data layers. The samples will be emailed to the address you provide below.