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Why Use Us?

LocLab Cloud offers an unparalleled combination of fidelity and features for its digital twin users, scalable from small businesses to large enterprise systems. 

A Robust Feature Set

Unlock the power of your data with these key features available to LocLab Cloud users, tailored for your projects.  

Data Management

  • Access your project data from anywhere, anytime.Model changes are incrementally loaded in the background.
  • Manage folders, labels of scanning, model, media, and other data files.
  • Define role-based data access and editing rights for each project.
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HxDR software on monitor demonstrating maintainer function in projects

Project and User Management

  • Manage users, logins and licenses for all company projects.
  • Organize users, user roles, and data into different projects.
  • Highest information security standards with AWS and HxDR platform services.

LocLab Player

  • One player for all digital twin projects
    Immersive real-time 3D viewer
  • Multiple camera and graphics options for quick and easy or expert visualization
  • Simulation of different weather, date, and time conditions
  • Automatic synchronization of all digital twin project data
  • Automatic updates of player software with fixes and new features
  • Create and share jump points, annotations, and measurements.
  • Embed external data sources in your digital twins and receive system notifications via API.
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  • Shared workspace to directly collaborate with LocLab experts and share requirements, project information, and twin data.
  • Shared workspace to integrate external consultants and contractors.
  • Use the digital twin across your business in different use cases.

Dynamic. Data-Driven. Digital Reality. Get started with LocLab today.