Hexagon Digital Reality Platform – HxDR

HxDR combines advanced visualization technologies, AI, and machine learning processes from Hexagon entities like Luciad, Technodigit, HxGN Visualization, and Melown Technologies, along with professional airborne reality capture from the HxGN Content Program, bringing HxDR together as an advanced yet easy-to-use platform designed for dimensionally accurate and immersive 3D visualization.

Once you have signed into the platform, you will be presented with your Dashboard, from here, you can navigate and explore the world of content available on the platform either by browsing this content or by viewing selected Tours.

The easiest way to experience HxDR for the first time is to select one of the Tours from the Dashboard and allow HxDR to take you on a virtual Tour of some of the content available on the HxDR Platform

If you would prefer to explore yourself, click on the globe and use the guide below to navigate.



You can search for streets, cities, countries in the search bar at the top of the window



You can also zoom by using your mouse wheel or by double clicking your mouse button


Uploading own content

HxDR allows users to upload their own content in the form of Reality Capture Scans (as e57 files) or 3D BIM models as Enterprise Foundation Class (efc) files. These supported formats will be automatically processed and presented to the user in their “Assets” section, where they can be previewed.


Uploaded Scans (e57)

For each uploaded scan there are a number of artifacts that can be created, in the case of a scan the possible artifacts are:

  • Pointcloud – a RGB colored pointcloud which can be visualized in HxDR
  • Mesh – a 3D textured mesh generated from the uploaded scan. If the images required to texture this mesh are missing in the original upload, the resulting mesh will be untextured
  • Panoramics – photospheres created from each scanning position where it will be possible to view a 360 degree view of the original image captured during scanning.


Uploaded Models (ifc)

3D Models uploaded to the platform will automatically be processed and tiled such that they can be streamed and rendered as an OGC 3D Tiles service on HxDR. For 3D models the only available artifact will be the mesh.


Downloading artifacts

HxDR offers the possibility to download each generated artifact by clicking the download button for said artifact in the Asset Details page. Supported download formats are:

  • Pointcloud: PTS
  • MESH: OBJ + material and texture files if applicable
  • Images: all captured images in JPEG form.